What are The Benefits and Importance of Internships for Students?

Don’t believe if someone says an internship is a waste of time.

Internships are very important, especially for students. However, there are still a few who feel heavy running an internship program due to many factors, such as being mentally unprepared, phobias facing the environment, or feeling unprepared.

On the other hand, when bearing fresh graduate position, the company even witnesses whether you have a fair amount of internship experience to get a job. However, many companies provide internship opportunities for new graduates.

So, why is an internship important? And what are the benefits? Let’s listen!

1. Valuable experience

Internships provide opportunities to learn and grow. The company also wants to recruit prospective employees whose resumes reflect relevant work history, whether from actual internships, voluntary work, or empirical work. In addition to experience and knowledge, internships increase competitive value to compete for positions in ideal companies. Internships in large and reputable companies will be added value.

Matt Wilkerson, Co-Founder, and CEO of Paragon One, who is also Venture Capital on TVC, wrote with the increasing number of applicants to companies that are in the Fortune 100 arrangement, being able to internship in one of them is a rare opportunity. “With hard work and not much luck, you might be able to get that opportunity in the first year. If it’s not possible, you shouldn’t panic. There are not a few different companies that provide the same use. And for students, picking up internships at startup can be a good idea, “Wilkerson said.

Many companies also evaluate CV from their experience. One of the examples is the recent Poker Game Company that is trying to hire security analysis, they intend to hire the one with enough experience to help the team instead of a fresh graduate.

2. Opportunity to develop yourself

The internship provides an opportunity to know the roles, tasks, and industries involved. Take every opportunity to see each assignment given. However, if there is a new business that has not been understood, immediately write down and ask questions to make sure you do your best. Remember, the most important element of an internship is integrating knowledge and theory in the learning space with practical software and capabilities developed.

Interestingly, through an internship, you can get to know yourself. The world of work is the most contrast with the world of campus. The world of work is demanded to be not infrequently professional, the times and full responsibility. Stocks around the apprenticeship can get you more job opportunities.

3. Sharpening soft skills

Soft skill is an important element in the professional world, but still not a few who do not care and seriously sharpen it. Internships can help hand over knowledge of what soft skills are needed in the company and soft skills related to leadership.

The LinkedIn Skills Report report in 2018, indicates that 57% of people rate soft skills as more urgent than technical skills. Communication skills, leadership, problem solutions, and teamwork can all be learned through an internship and can be utilized in other matters. Also, with your soft skills, it will be easier to learn about workplace habits, employee relations, and leadership structures.

4. Building relationships

The different reason for making an internship is important is to build a professional network. Take advantage of internship opportunities to get acquainted with coworkers who have positions or high positions in the office. You can also get to know apprentices from many other universities to expand your career going forward. Internships provide an excellent environment to meet career professionals who you want to pursue, classified as meeting people with similar interests.

5. Make the CV cool

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is still a potent weapon attracting the attention of HRD. With a portfolio of internships and ranks of achievements, it is sure to be a profitable added value. Most companies certainly want to have employees who have professional empiric even for beginner level activities. So it should not be surprising if HRD digs fresh graduates who have empirical work.

Before the internship, make sure you are mentally prepared for all possibilities so that the internship program runs smoothly. Through internships, you can get empirical professional work, soft skills, relationships, and even opportunities to become permanent employees. How, still hesitant to do an internship?