Vision & Mision

What we stand for in Forches Cross

Our vision
Forches Cross’s vision is to become a quality education model for the community. To realize this vision, Forches Cross sets out its missions, namely to grow (1) an alternative education model that (2) educates the children of the surrounding environment by (3) emphasizing human development as a social creature in the context of a natural environment and civil culture. (4) helping quality human achievement that is beneficial to life.

The deepening of curriculum material must begin with the introduction and experience of children. Learning material must be adjusted to their needs for future equipment and for life. This must be stimulating, diverse, exciting and showing them that this vast world will be faced later.

Emotional Literacy
Schools are required to provide a safe and secure environment where all children can control their emotions and develop them appropriately.

Schools have high expectations and encourage children to make reasonable choices and develop good self-control to succeed.