Forches Cross is a non-profit social organization with a sincere vision to increase education standards for children, especially in children’s growth discourse. Founded in 2008, Forches Cross handed over teaching English, Mathematics and practicing arts for children independently. Forches Cross uses a learning method while playing, with each meeting carrying the issues of culture, morality, and love of the environment. Forches Cross aspires to be able to arrange the character of children with quality and quality who have achievements and are useful for life.

The education emphasized by Forches Cross is not merely limited by children’s education but is more comprehensive. The overall purpose is that Forches Cross also contributes to equal distribution of education and the addition of the potential of the younger generation without witnessing the origin of region, race, or religion. By having a Forches Cross program without seeing the descent and preferences of culture between the state and the private sector, this matter teaches the younger generation the concept of community empowerment and inter-cultural integration by volunteering for teachers so that both children and volunteer teachers learn from each other with each other and give mutual benefits in creating quality people.

The new Forches Cross agenda is to build a “Learning House.” This learning house, named after FORCHES CROSS, will carry out the vision and goals of Forches Cross in providing children’s educational growth needs and improvisation fostering characters through academic and non-academic study programs. FORCHES CROSS is also a place for young people (students) to learn to develop themselves and serve the community in teaching work following the Forches Cross destination to reach comprehensive education.