6 Ways to Grow Confidence in Students

All students and students in school must possess confidence.

Instilling confidence in them can make them become people who succeed in reaching their future. But not many students feel that they are not confident enough in their skills. All can be seen from their activity and creativity during the learning process. Students who have high self-confidence will look active in the study room both in question and answer and discussion while students who are not confident will not be a little quiet without asking a little.

It is very important to grow confidence in students so that they can become independent individuals later. By having self-confidence, they will be ready to achieve proud achievements. For growing self-confidence in students basically must grow that sense from within the student himself. How does the method foster confidence in the student? Check out the techniques for building confidence from the following students.

1. Presenting a learning process that is comfortable and enjoyable for students

A comfortable learning atmosphere for students can make students more motivated in learning. The learning process that is also fun without creating stressed students will create more courageous students to release their skills. Providing opportunities for students to be able to express their opinions in front of the class can make their confidence even greater.

2. Provide motivation for students

Motivating these students is very urgent in the process to foster the confidence they have. Sometimes a child needs great motivation as a driver so that his confidence can rise. Sometimes children are too phobic to issue opinions because they are afraid of being wrong, a phobia is laughed at, or a phobia is scolded if it turns out that what they are thinking turns out to be inappropriate because it gave independence to assume without having to judge it if it turned out that what he said was wrong.

3. Increase competitive motivation between students

Get used to holding competencies in the study room to hone the confidence of all students. Present short competencies that can help increase their confidence. The spirit of existing competencies can make them more confident. Getting used to inviting students to participate in the competition is one of the techniques of being confident and not shy for students because, over time, he will get used to it.

4. Don’t discriminate against a weak child

Words or deeds can not scold students who are weak in learning. Laughing at it will only create a sense of self-confidence that he is sinking. It should correct the student’s mistake by giving the correct example and not just scolding him to establish himself ashamed of his friends. How to cope with not enough confidence for these students also really needs the role of the teachers in the school as a motivator.

5. Providing training for students to increase self-confidence

To foster self-confidence, students can by holding training in class, such as discussions and presentations. If tested, the confidence from within them will slowly be present, and more and more can make them more confident with their skills. Notifying good and correct easy socializing techniques can also add to students’ self-confidence because they cannot be quite good at socializing around this.

6. Ask each student to appear in front of the class

Get used to asking students to appear in front of the study room to increase their self-confidence. If they are used to it, they will become awkward and slowly become confident. Confidence often disappears when we are in front of the public and must appear to say with them. Therefore, make it a habit to speak in front of the study room first. And ask all students to ignore jokes and ridicule from their friends. The reaction of his friends who are not good enough can shrink home the confidence they have. But the matter is also good for teaching the courage of children who are not confident enough and have a weak mentality.

Thus the 6 techniques foster self-confidence in students in the study room around which are less active. The most important way for students to grow confident is to continue to submit positive responses to children who have a crisis of self-confidence and always support and direct them. Also, know techniques for increasing confidence that is just as important as increased self-confidence.

For those of you who are shy in the learning room know the technique of eliminating shyness so that you can be more active in class. In addition to eliminating shyness can also foster your confidence. One more thing to be able to be confident is by convincing yourself that you can do it.