5 Games That Can Improve Students’ Logic and Memory

Even though each person gets a different level of intelligence, the IQ test results you get are different and cannot be changed anymore.

Just like other skills, intelligence can also be drilled and improved. The trick, it doesn’t always have to be expensive, but enough to solve simple problems in everyday life.

One way is to play the game. You must have heard the opinions of experts about those who like to play games have high intelligence. Because of this, in some games, you will be treated to everyday simulations that you have to solve by relying on accuracy, logistics, mathematics, accuracy, and memory. Well, we have prepared 6 games that you can use to train your students’ intelligence. Not only make you smart, but you can also have fun with them

1. Brain exercise for 15 minutes per meeting with Lumosity. It won’t feel heavy but adds the smart feel

Lumosity is not just any game, designed by neuroscientist experts from various famous institutions in the world, to increase your selection power, speed, and various aspects of your intelligence. In lumosity, you will be presented with a variety of games that you can play, according to which aspects you want to develop. For example, if you’re going to hone your memory, you will be given the appropriate games.

This application you can play for free, with three games per shipment. But if you choose premium, aka paid, you can get even more games. You can also see your intelligence tracking while playing this game. So you can see immediately whether your memory increases or stuck to it. Uniquely, Lumosity can remind you to ‘exercise the brain’ for 15 minutes every meeting, you know. Not curious?

2. Game 2048 is made for you math lovers. They are demanding you to be careful and patient.

2048 is a game that is quite popular — often enjoyed by people while waiting in line or while filling the time while riding the train. The essence of this game is how you can multiply numbers so that the value becomes 2048. This game is used to draw a flat plane consisting of 4 x 4. Each box contains a number with a multiple of 2.

Based on the game, you have to move the two boxes that are worth the same to add both values. Two boxes combined will form one box with a sum value. You must do this until your field value reaches 2048 or more. But this is not easy. You have to be thorough and thorough because, in the future, you will have difficulty sliding the box to replace the same two numbers.

3. Survive the zombie attack by gardening. Plant vs. Zombie will teach you from a strategist who is also a dedicated gardener

This PopCap-made game has no end. Here you have to defend your house from zombie attacks. You do this by planting a variety of plants that will be used as weapons. Each zombie and plant has its weaknesses and strengths. Well, your job is to create a defensive garden, by arranging various plants according to their functions, to prevent zombies from entering the house and filling your brain.

Although simple at a glance, Plant vs. Zombie demands you to be good at the strategy, you know. If you change the wrong plants to plant what, your garden might be ransacked zombies. Now there is Plant vs. Zombie 2. Have you tried it?

4. Although the point is to feed the Frog, this Cut The Rope game also pretty makes you dizzy too

As the name implies, in the game Cut The Rope, you have to cut the rope on the candy so that a frog named Om Nom can eat the candy. But this is not as easy as you imagine. The candy tied to the rope was placed in an awkward position, like hanging above, while Om Nom waited below with hunger.

You have to find the right moment and position to cut the rope so that the candy can be thrown right into Om Nom’s mouth. The more levels you increase, the more difficult candy puzzles you have to solve. In this game, at least you are required to be careful and have good logic to determine which rope should be cut first so that the candy doesn’t even get further from Om Nom’s reach.

5. In The Curse Game, you have to rack your brain to escape the curse of the mannequins. You do this by solving puzzles that are certainly not easy

As the name suggests, in this game, you have to save yourself from the curse of mannequins. The trick is to answer 100 puzzles given by the dummy, the character in this game who also doubles as the host. The puzzles that you have to solve are diverse. Some rely on memory, compile puzzles, puzzles that require you to be good at strategy, and many puzzles that test other intelligence.

He cried again, and the puzzle is not made flexible. Alias, you must complete one puzzle to be able to move on to the next puzzle. Every time you solve a puzzle, you will get a clue to the next puzzle. This application is not free, either. But the excitement that you will get is also comparable.