13 Ways to Improve Children’s Memory

Memory has the advantage of changing and storing so much information that will be absorbed by the brain, in fact, this memory often only occurs the shortest and will be far more specific for children under the age of 3 years.

And has a relationship with the development of memories in children. Because at the age of the child so it will indeed require much more patience to be able to remind the child of things that have a general nature, for example, when we have to wash our hands before eating.

But along with the passage of time and even the increasing age of the child, later it will increasingly increase for memory. But in this matter, you as a parent also need to add more and even look for techniques to be able to improve children’s mind later because it is necessary to carry out training regularly and work on repetition so that later children will be more concentrated and have a strong memory.

For parents, you will explain in detail about the technique of improving the child’s memory with so many ways, to the extent that later and will get used to and create a child who has a reasonably strong memory.

1. Providing healthy food support

Mothers can start by giving a sufficient intake of vitamin and other ingredients that are very urgent for the child’s body, to the extent that they can help children to be able to train their brain so they can have a powerful and high memory. By giving foods that contain complex carbohydrates can also help children in helping and provoking their minds.

2. Regular sleep

By working on organized sleep, it turns out that it can do lessons for ankle teachers so that they have a powerful reminder and are sharp so that the child can have the quality of rest and make it comfortable so that later can train the memory and memory children to be better

3. Doing games while studying

In general, almost all children like the job of playing, so that you should be able to improve your child’s memory by parents inviting him to play and learn so that this matter can improve his memory better and techniques for increasing creativity in children. Some games were found to be able to help stimulate children’s mind to be better, for example in puzzle games, coloring games, drawing, pasting numbers and other types of games.

4. Provide writing activities

With writing activities it turns out that it can help a child’s memory become stronger, according to information from child psychology as well, when a child has each day’s routine activities such as writing, the matter can also help the child to have a strong memory even though the matter looks simple, but it turns out it is indeed effective. Writing can help oxygen flow, to the point that something you say through the article will be more remembered later.

5. Do brain lessons

In this matter, what can be done is to cast a lot of questions so that later it can affect the minds of children to be able to move and also bring up many new ideas that can make the neural connection to the mind smoothly, you can easily do this lesson on the child at home.

6. Give Omega 3 intakes in children

As you know the intake of omega 3 in children can function in helping the child’s brain is more active use for the location of the mind to the extent that it can increase attention and memory possessed by other children. and also can add a lot of food supplements such as fish oil and different types of food which have been enriched with omega 3 fats and DHA

7. Sports activities

If we cultivate children in order to do physical activities later it can help guard the stability of the child’s mind, because according to the information from the study which has also been carried out if the child performs an oral job typically it can help in repairing the cognitive system mind and can influence the central nervous system and even the child’s brain has a reliable capture power.

8. Do educational games

Educative games are known to stimulate the minds of children to the extent that bus children are more skilled and also improve memories and work on solving problems that can be done by children, while working on educational games can also help children to help their brains so that they can build up new neural connections and techniques increase concentration in children.

9. Give restrictions on children to watch television

It is better if your parents give a limitation to children so that they do not always watch television, and also give so many restrictions so that children are given limits in terms of watching TV because giving a limit will make children more active in using their brains, and will cause strong memory.

10. Provide a variety of vitamin intake and vegetables

As you know vegetables and vitamins are good for the development of the child’s mind, to the point that the child must have an adequate intake of vitamins or herbs. Karen vegetables and vitamins can help fight so many free radicals that later can protect the minds of children so they can develop more.

11. Helping children to cope with stress

As a parent, you must be sensitive and understand when children are experiencing stress, because with anxiety, it will create a disturbed child’s mental development, and that matter can also affect the performance of the child’s mind, to encourage children to do a lot of things that show up. until you can avoid stress

12. Invite children on vacation

Vacation is something enjoyable, after all for children, by arranging a child’s vacation schedule will create a more fresh brain, and it will be more developed, to the extent that children can feel happier and not think about matters that are not urgent and their essence will make them less concentrated, For this purpose, do a minimum weekly scheduling so that children can have a pleasant holiday

13. Do brain games

By working on various games that can sharpen the mind, later it can make the child have a strong memory, in fact there are not a few types of mind games that a mother can do, so that later the mind will get used to and bring up cells to degenerate, and the child will not easily forget, and precisely improve memory and growth attention of children.