Controversy Over Sex Education in Schools

Education about sex in school children is crucial. However, the delivery techniques for school children and the material that will be said need to be ignored carefully.

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found that. In at least 10 different countries, schoolchildren don’t like the techniques they are taught about sex in school.

In the study, all scientists analyzed 55 young people ranging in age from 12 to 18 years. They are included as students who have received education about sex in their schools in some countries, including the United States, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Iran, Brazil, and Sweden

The research was carried out during the period between 1990 and 2015. The result was that each student in those countries turned out to have the same view about sex education in their school, that is, all of them viewed it as not exciting and not entirely empirical which made them feel comfortable.

The researchers then identified the two biggest problems in sex education. First, the school did not make subject sex education or specialized training eyes like English or mathematics.

Like those two important training subjects, sex education requires the teaching skills of a teacher with a high level of understanding about the topic.

“They do not take into account that sex is a potentially embarrassing topic and creates anxious students,” said Pandora Pound, a researcher in the public health research methodology at the University of Bristol in England for Time, Monday (03/10/2016).

“The results make the whole splashy feel awkward,” he continued.

The second problem is that schools seem to deny or do not recognize that their students are sexually active. This creates information irrelevant because it includes superficiality.

There are some tips students need, such as telling students about community health services, for example, what should be done if they are pregnant or the pros and cons of the many types of birth control.

Students also expect the teacher not to be too vulgar to make them embarrassed to hear it or too scientific to not understand it.

But among the ugliest parts of sex education for students is that their teachers too often say them.

So the need for training for teachers providing sex education materials and the right limits for each age in understanding sex education until the goal is achieved is to minimize and even ward off children under the age of ‘husband and wife’ relationships that they have not yet understood and emulated from people irresponsible adults.