This week in Tiny Toes . . .

We found a HUGE pile of leaves in our garden.  We weren’t sure how they got there.  Maybe they had fallen from the willow tunnel?  We had fun kicking them up in the air and transporting them around in the wheelbarrows.  Even some passing grown-ups joined in the fun!

DSCN8370 DSCN8372 DSCN8371


We are thinking about being happy.  We know that someone smiles when they’re happy.  How many happy faces can you spot at our Stay and Play morning on Friday?  There will be more pictures coming soon so look out for the post on the’ Whole School’ blog. Thank you to all our families who were able to stay.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did :) 

DSCN8412 DSCN8403 DSCN8409 DSCN8411 DSCN8400 DSCN8394

Finally,  a special ‘thank you’ to the lovely mummy who carved our pumpkin!  We used it later to decorate the hall for the Halloween disco.



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