This week in Tiny Toes . . .

We really have been SO busy!  First of all we went out for an autumn walk on Monday morning to see how many different kinds of fallen leaves we could find.  We were so amazed to see the sun had turned red and was peeping in and out from behind the clouds.  Did you see it too?

DSCN8291 DSCN8293 DSCN8295

Then we had the excitement of the fallen tree in the car park which had just missed Mrs Roome’s car the night before.  We heard the chainsaws and went to investigate.  We could just see the workmen’s hard hats.  It wasn’t a very good view from the gate.  Some of us decided we wanted to go back and play but Mrs Roome took those of us who were still interested up to the hall to get a better look.  We could see the workmen feeding the branches into a big orange machine.  It swallowed up the branches and shot out the chipped wood from a funnel at the top.  
















On Thursday we went up to the special Harvest Assembly.  We all took a teddy and made sure that they sat very sensibly during the singing.  We loved joining in with the two harvest songs, especially the one about the big red combine harvester. Mrs Roome and Mrs White were very proud of us. Back in nursery we had been investigating pumpkins.  We had a big one, a medium one and a small one.  They were all quite heavy but the big one was the heaviest.  We wondered what would be inside: maybe seeds, maybe sweets?  When Mrs Roome cut the pumpkin open we found out that there were seeds inside.  They were quite slippery to hold.

DSCN8326PTDC0038 PTDC0035

Wishing all our families a lovely half-term break and see you all on Monday, 30th October.

Remember!  Stay and Play is Friday, 3rd November.

We hope that many of you will be able to come along.


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