This week in Tiny Toes . . .

We have been co-operating really well in our play and helping our friends, especially when they have been finding things a bit tricky.






 We started brushing our teeth again!  Most of us have a go, even if we don’t always use the paste.  It is quite minty!


We have been very interested in looking at things through our telescopes.  We could see our friends and then we went on a hunt around the garden looking to see what we could find.  In the wildlife area we spied a spider.  She was sitting very still in the middle of her web.  We wondered if she was as tired as the ‘Very Busy Spider’ after she had finished spinning her web?

DSCN8282 DSCN8288



We had a problem with one of our wheelbarrows.  We couldn’t fix it with our tools so we wrote a letter to Mr Mason to ask him to fix it.  We wondered if it would take him more than two hours to mend and also how much he would charge us.  In the end it was back in nursery the next morning all fixed.  Mr Mason wrote us a letter saying that it had only taken him two minutes to fix and he was charging us £5.  Luckily, Alfie had brought in his debit card so he was able to go down with Mrs White to pay Mrs Turnbull in the office!



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