Tiny Toes Visit to Rosemoor

Tiny Toes had such an exciting day on Tuesday.  We went on a trip to Rosemoor Gardens, just outside Torrington. We had to travel there by coach which was a really new experience for some of us.  We had a super driver from Taw and Torridge Coaches who drove us carefully all the way there. 

First of all we set about finding things which were the colours of the rainbow.  We couldn’t pick anything from the plants but we could use petals or leaves which had fallen on the ground.  Once we had collected all the different colours, we went back indoors and stuck them onto some sticky card to make our very own summer colours rainbow.  

It was fun having lunch in the ‘Brash’ which was a picnic area in amongst the trees. Our mums, dads and nans had packed us enormous lunches but we were so excited that we couldn’t eat lots of it!  After lunch we had a run around before heading back to the main building.  

Our second job was to help Rosie the fairy to tidy up the garden. We walked around picking up petals, leaves, sticks and other things like empty snails shells.  Then we went back indoors and used all our garden treasure to decorate our own crowns and wands.  We did look smart wearing them!  

Soon it was time to head back to the coach and travel back to Nursery.  We were excited to see our mums, dads and nans again and the good news was that all our grown-ups at Nursery were very proud of the way we had behaved on our trip.

Here are some of the photographs of our day.

DSCN7854 DSCN7855 DSCN7856 DSCN7861 DSCN7862 DSCN7866 DSCN7871 DSCN7874 DSCN7875 DSCN7876 DSCN7877 DSCN7881 DSCN7885 DSCN7894 DSCN7895



  1. Wow Tiny Toes it looks like you had a fantastic day out! How lovely to have wands and crowns to bring back to school. I know you had a really happy and interesting day out.

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