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We have started collecting for our Tombola stall at the Summer Fair.  We hope that everyone will be very generous and donate unwanted gifts or other new items (not alcohol) for the tombola.  If you do have anything to spare, please hand it in to Tiny Toes or Big Toes, or the school office.  We hope we manage to raise even more than we did at Christmas.


We have been learning about the number five.  We can show five using our fingers and we know how to use some special tricks to make counting five easy.  Some of us were able to go on a hunt around the nursery and find ‘five’ of something.  Riley brought back lots of blocks but when he checked he knew that he had too many so he put two back.  Molly picked up lots of mini mes.  She lined them up in front of her and soon realised that she had too many so she took them back to their box.

DSCN5987               DSCN5978


There were lots of tomatoes delivered this week so we cut them up and Mrs Roome made some soup for our snack.  The next day we made cheese scones with Mrs Edwards.  It was a really easy recipe and lots of us helped to stir the mixture.  We ate them the next day dipped into the left over soup.  We might not be having lunch now at nursery but we are getting the chance to do lots more cooking.


DSCN2109 DSCN2111 DSCN2116




Outside in the garden, Mrs Parker thought it was looking a bit shabby.  There was lots of paper and other rubbish around the garden and quite a few weeds.  We went out and collected as many things as we could find and piled them up in a tuff spot.  Then we sorted them.  We took all the paper and plastic to the black bin and we put the weeds in the green bin.  Later on in the week  we started using the composting bin.  We’ll be able to put our fruit waste in there and Mr Mason can add the grass cuttings when he mows our garden.  Some of us swept  up some garden waste and wheeled it over to the composting bin.  We worked together to tip the cuttings out of the wheelbarrow.




Mrs Roome showed us how to paint shapes on the easel.  She stuck shapes next to her paper and then copied them onto the paper using a brush and a little bit of paint squeezed into her container.  First of all she painted a square.  She added another smaller square and then asked us what we thought it looked like.  We thought it might be a car or a van so she added two circles to make wheels.  Next she painted a triangle onto the paper.  George thought it might be a helicopter so Mrs Roome added some rotor blades, a triangle for a tail and some wheels and a window.  It looked just like a helicopter then.  We have been trying to paint our own shapes and turn them into something that other people can recognise.


  1. Ah yes, nicely put, everyone.

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