This week in Nursery . .

Look how much fun we had mixing colours in shaving foam in the Twinkle Toes room!  We used powder paint and sprinkled it onto the foam.  We used our hands and brushes to mix up the colours.  It was a very messy activity and we all concentrated really well.


In Tiny Toes we have been talking about ‘change’.  Some of us have been getting to know Ms Hayles before we start in the Reception class in September.  She has enjoyed spending time with us and thinks we are doing really good listening.  

Some of us have been playing with our new friends who will be Tiny Toes in September. It has been fun learning everyone’s names and getting to know what they like to play with.  We’re looking forward to playing with them again next week.  

We have also been talking about things which worry us.  We have a special friend called William, the Worry Eater.  We can draw pictures of anything we are worried about and pop them into his zip mouth.  The next day all our worries are gone as William has eaten them up!  He’s a good friend to know.  If William is busy we can always tell our worries to a grown-up that we trust.

worry eater (2)


  1. I have really enjoyed to get to know the children who will be in Reception in September.They have been very excited and very curious about everything in their new classroom!

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