This week in Nursery . . .

Twinkle Toes have enjoyed mixing and pouring in the mud kitchen.  Some of us worked really hard to fill big containers in the water tray then transport them across to the mud kitchen.  They were very heavy!  


We were interested in playing with the real vegetables and spent time dropping them into our buckets to make a big splash!


Tiny Toes were excited to plant some of the seedlings that Devlin’s Nanny gave us.  Some of us helped Mrs Roome to plant the peas, cabbages and carrots. We remembered to water them.  We hope it won’t take too long for them to grow.

DSCN7423 PTDC0046 DSCN7445


While we were clearing the weeds away, we found some carrots which we had planted last year.  We were surprised at how big they had become.  



It really was a busy week in the garden as we planted our seed potatoes.  We have planted a variety called ‘Rocket’ and the Twinkle Toes have planted a variety called ‘Jester’.  We wonder which will grow to be the biggest potatoes or will produce the most potatoes.  We’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out.

PTDC0029 PTDC0032 PTDC0035



  1. All looks very busy – I have put a note in the newsletter as well asking for any seeds or seedlings, because I know that you will use them well – Mr Wisken

  2. Thank you Mr Wisken. We’re hoping to grow so many vegetables that we will be able to sell them back to our parents. You can’t beat fresh, home-grown veg!

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