The cloak has been found! Adventures with Croyde Class

Once again Croyde class have had the most amazing day out. We visited Ilfracombe in search of Captain Morphus’s lost cloak and learnt so much along the way. First, we stepped on board the Ilfracombe Princess which is a fantastic boat that took us all around the coastline. We learnt all about navigational ships, coasteering and even how to spot lobster pots. For many of us, it was our first time on a boat and it was the best experience.

However, no cloak had been found. Next, we walked to Tunnels beaches via Capstone Island. It was a breezy walk but it had the most amazing views. Once at Tunnels, we explored the rock pools, built tall towers and enjoyed a lovely picnic on the beach. We talked about all the reasons to visit Ilfracombe and finished our day with a delicious Hockings ice cream.

Then the most amazing thing happened! We took shelter from the sun in the town’s bandstand and found the mysterious cloak.

Finally, we are ready to reunite with Captain Morphus. All year we have been working to earn sea treasures in our learning journey.

This is the perfect end to a fantastic year.

Croyde Class

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  1. It was a great day with Croyde Class and you were fantastically well behaved. Great Day!

  2. We had a brilliant day exploring Ilfracombe, I was so pleased you all went on the boat, even though some of you were a bit worried. Captain Morphus will be so proud of you, I am !

  3. What lovely photos, looks like you had an awesome day out

  4. What an amazing day you have had in your quest – great photographs too !

  5. Thank you for all of your kind comments. It was a fantastic day. We hope you all get the chance to visit Ilfracombe.

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