Music For Life

The Reception children have been taking part in the Music For Life club for the last few weeks. They have all had lots of fun whilst ‘mastering’ a wide range of instruments such as ukeleles, autoharps, mandolins, cajon drums, violins and squeeze boxes. Today the budding musicians shared some songs with a large audience of friends and family. Despite there being over twenty adults watching along with numerous younger audience members everyone played to the very best of their ability and enjoyed every moment of it.

Thank you to everyone who came along in support and thank you to David and Nick for being brave enough to take on the Reception children!!

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  1. I was so glad I had changed my planning afternoon as I was able to come along and watch. Thank you very much girls and boys for such an entertaining end to the day. You all looked like you were having so much fun (and I think the grown-ups enjoyed having a play of the instruments too)!

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