Happy Holidays from Taiwan

Another year is over in Taipei and the Turtle class has had a fantastic one. During the summer term we have been learning about the ocean and how to look after it. In DT we designed and made an upcyled bag out of plastic:



We also studied electricity and made some books which we shared with the Year 4 students to teach them what we had learnt. We know which electrical components make a complete circuit.





We were learning about words with the /kn/ sound so to raise money to help families in Nepal after the earthquake we made knickerbocker glories.


DSCN7509 DSCN7520 DSCN7522


We have been writing quest stories and even made a map to show the reader all the settings in our story:




To celebrate the end of Year 2 we had a field trip to Flip Out which is a huge indoor trampolining place where we bounced and bounced until we had no energy left! Then the parents supplied us with a picnic pizza lunch in the park!

Audrey W DSCN7760 DSCN7763 DSCN7772 DSCN7782 DSCN7789


And finally we know you still have a few more weeks at school but from us it’s happy holidays!




  1. It looks like you are having fun :)

  2. Hope you managed to escape from the foam blocks Mrs Robinson! Happy holidays :)

  3. Mrs Robinson – you look like you and the children had a fun filled end of term!

  4. Mrs Roome…one boy promised me he’d help me out of the foam blocks but as soon as he heard someone shout “snack time” he was off and forgot about me! We certainly had some fun at the end of term Ms Hayles. Not long left for you at Forches too.
    Stephanie – you must be leaving Forches at the end of this year…how time flies! Best of luck for your chosen secondary school. Are you going to Pilton or Park?

  5. I may not have been there but it sounds like you lot had an epic time. :)

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