Guess who lives here!

Last week the Reception children went for a walk around Forches estate. We saw lots of different houses both old and new. We saw brick houses and painted houses, square windows and rectangular windows and lots of different coloured doors. The children were interested to find out how the roofs made electricity and why there were railings beside the pavement in some places. We saw tall flats and shorter bungalows and houses with gardens and houses without.


But the something strange happened. As we walked up Greenbank Road one of the children noticed some unusual residents peeping out of an upstairs window.DSC02364 DSC02363 DSC02366

It was the three little pigs. What a surprise!


Fortunately there was no sign of the terrifying, loud, growly wolf!


  1. Well that’s the first time I’ve heard of pigs looking out of a window on Greenbank Road. How exciting! Did you see anything else unusual?

  2. Well ! I wondered where The Three Little Pigs had got to and now I know !

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