Father Christmas comes to Forches!

Today we had a surprise visit from Father Christmas.He went into every classroom and had a wonderful gift for every child.He knew exactly which book each child would like to read! All the children were very polite and remembered their manners perfectly when he called their name.

DSCN8526 (Small) DSCN8522 (Small) DSCN8524 (Small) DSCN8528 (Small) DSCN8521 (Small) DSCN8525 (Small) DSCN8534 (Small) DSCN8530 (Small) DSCN8527 (Small) DSCN8523 (Small) DSCN8533 (Small) DSCN8520 (Small) DSCN8529 (Small) DSCN8535 (Small) DSCN8531 (Small)

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