Fantastic Forest School Bird Feeders!

Forest School Day 1 has gone really well. It started with Mortehoe class making  some bird feeders using oranges, lard and bird seed. They all worked really well together and even brought some of their grown -ups along to help! After they had completed their feeders, they went bird watching around the school grounds and were surprised at how many they managed to spot!
Following that the Reception Class came out for their first ever Forest School session. They listened really carefully to the instructions, behaved beautifully around the campfire and succeeded at making bird feeders from pine cones, lard and bird seed. Finally, Westward Ho! class came out to enjoy the early afternoon sunshine. The children all squeezed and moulded the lard until it was super soft and easy to mould into the pine cone – they had very dirty hands but enjoyed cleaning them with water heated up on the camp fire. Each group enjoyed finishing their session with a hot chocolate.  Hopefully the sun will stay out for tomorrows sessions.

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  1. What an exciting morning. Thank you to Miss Yeo for including the Reception children this year. They were full of what they had done and really had a fantastic time.

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