Easter Bonnets-What an amazing show!

There was the most amazing show of Easter Bonnets on Thursday in school.We all enjoyed looking at them as the children paraded around in assembly.There were so many spectacular ones it was impossible to choose just one winner from each class!Well done to everyone who made such a marvellous effort! Happy Easter everybody!

DSCN8803 (Small) DSCN8802 (Small) DSCN8804 (Small) DSCN8799 (Small) DSCN8798 (Small) DSCN8794 (Small) DSCN8797 (Small) DSCN8792 (Small) DSCN8793 (Small) DSCN8795 (Small) DSCN8788 (Small) DSCN8791 (Small) DSCN8801 (Small) DSCN8786 (Small) DSCN8785 (Small) DSCN8784 (Small) DSCN8782 (Small) DSCN8780 (Small) DSCN8779 (Small) DSCN8777 (Small) DSCN8778 (Small) DSCN8775 (Small) DSCN8774 (Small) DSCN8767 (Small) DSCN8772 (Small) DSCN8766 (Small) DSCN8768 (Small) DSCN8773 (Small)


  1. Wonderful !

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