Croyde class visit Croyde Beach

We all had an amazing day out at Croyde beach. We traveled on the local double Decker bus. It was so easy to get there. We caught the number 21 and got there really quick.

Once we got to the beach, we started looking for objects to use for our sand sculptures. These items had been washed up onto the shore, by the sea.

Everyone got to make a an animal sand sculpture that we will use for stories when we get back to school. They made turtles, dogs, butterflies and lots of different creatures using everything from the beach.

We then had a lovely picnic next to the life guard hut and even got to talk to one of the lifeguards. He checked that we knew all about the flags so we could all stay safe.

After lunch we walked across the whole of Croyde beach and made our way to the village. We have been learning all about the village of Croyde in geography with Miss Knapper.

It was a fantastic day out and we all worked as a team. A lady on the bus told us that she was really impressed with our behavior and we really enjoyed being altogether. We would all love to go again soon.


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  1. Alfie spoke about each picture. Who was in them, and what the class were doing. He had such a great day. The photos are amazing! Glad you all had fun.

  2. Thank you for your comment. We really did have a fantastic day. It was so easy to get to and I hope lots of the children will visit Croyde again.

  3. It was great fun!

  4. Toby said he had a wonder ful time at Croyde beach and wishes he could go every day.

  5. I had a lovely day at Croyde beach.

  6. Emily had a lovely time at croyde beach, she hope she gets the chance to go again or somewhere just as interesting.

  7. Croyde class what an amazing day out you all had. It is lovely to see so many happy faces! The sand sculptures are really interesting. Did you bring any objects back to school to use again?

  8. I had loads of fun at Croyde.
    It was fantastic especially going to the park

  9. What a great day you all had – and I loved the pictures too !

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