Captain Morphus visits our school

Today we had a surprise visit from Captain Morphus who is a sea captain from the seventeenth century. Unfortunately , he is trapped in our time until he finds his magic sea cloak and clasp.He told us a lot about life on board ship and how important it is to be healthy in both body and mind.He set us some challenges too and said he will be back to see how we are getting on.We will also be hearing how we can help him to collect ten sea treasures which will then break the code for the secret location of his missing clasp and cloak.We are wondering when he will send the first scroll to our school telling us what we need to do first.

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DSCN8226 (Small)


  1. Strange goings on indeed…

  2. It was very exciting to meet Captain Morphus and I really hope we can help him ☺

  3. Great fun watching this time travelling pirate POP into our assembly as if it was a pirate ship. What next? :/

  4. I now know what was next… Miss Hawksworth in a pirate costume. She has a scarf for every thing!

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