A picnic in the rain!

The Reception children enjoyed a wonderful day out at RHS Rosemoor Gardens. They learned about how plants grow and planted their own seeds to bring back to school. Everyone tried the delicious peas straight from the pod. Down in the woods the children found mysterious footprints. Eventually they discovered lots of bears hiding under the trees and up the trees! After searching under stones and logs and in amongst the sticks and bracken everybody had something special in their jar. The children even managed to find two newts and a tiny frog.

The children found the whole day very exciting.PTDC0045DSC01287PTDC0037PTDC0030DSC01272DSC01304


  1. I am really glad you had such an interesting time and that you all enjoyed yourselves,even in the rain!

  2. It is great to hear all about your wonderful day.

  3. I hope all the bears you found were friendly. I’m glad you all enjoyed your trip.

  4. Just shows you – the rain didn’t spoil the day – pictures look great !

  5. Looks like you all had a great day!

  6. I like to plant seeds. Alex

  7. I liked going on the school trip. Harry

  8. I found a newt. I liked it when we found the bears. Maisie and Olly

  9. We went to Rosemoor Gardens. We had cookies and a drink.
    Neave and Liyla

  10. We went to Rosemoor Gardens on a coach. We looked at the flowers growing with a magnifying glass.
    Aaron and Myeli

  11. We had a good time at Rosemoor Gardens and we looked at the woods.

  12. I liked to go to Rosemoor Gardens on the coach. I liked it when we went in the forest.
    Gabia and Riley

  13. We went to Rosemoor Gardens because we planted some seeds.
    Talula and Freddie

  14. I liked it when we found the bears. At Rosemoor Gardens we found some bugs.
    Saffron and Flo

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