May 14th, 2013

The next Governors meeting is on Wednesday, May 15th at 6.30 pm. Initially governors are meeting together to discuss the possibility of Academy Status and this is then followed by the Resources Committee. We will also be discussing publishing Governor’s Minutes on the web site regularly to help keep you informed of what Governors are doing.

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School Clubs

May 7th, 2013

Buzz Dance

We are lucky to have a specialist dance teachers  running a club on Fridays. At Buzz Dance club children learn hip hop dance routines which usually end in a performance at the end of the term. Thanks to The Greg Matthew’s “Make it happen” fund there is no cost to attend the club. There are two sessions between 2:30 – 4pm in the School Hall.  If you are interested in joining, please see Mrs Robinson in year 3/4  for a permission form.Buzz Dance 012

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Miss Knapper gets an award !

March 18th, 2013

Even Miss Knapper received an award in assembly recently …..





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Science Day in Croyde Class

September 20th, 2017

It has been an incredibly busy day in Croyde class and we want to share what we have been learning about today.

We started our morning by deciding on our lab rules so we could begin working safely and scientifically. Today has been about investigating our key question.

Why do humans need to stay healthy?

Our day has focused on exercise, healthy eating and hygiene.

What have we been doing today?

Everybody was given a scientist name label so we could recognise them in the lab.

As a class, we created a fitness recording table so that we could observe how our body feels during exercise. We selected 5 different activities and went outside to exercise. Did you know all the benefits that exercise has for you? We learnt that it can make you strong, flexible, feel good, stops boredom, keeps your heart healthy and will help your vital organs to function.



Then we looked at different food groups and created our own menus trying to include as many food groups as we could.

IMG_6373 IMG_6369

IMG_6371 IMG_6367

Next we looked at what is inside our bodies and made sure that we could identify and name of our organs. We began talking about how food is digested and used a freezer bag, crackers and soda water to investigate how the stomach works.

IMG_6377 IMG_6374 IMG_6379 IMG_6375

Willow told us that we need to eat food and then it travels down to our stomach.

Conrad knows that when food reaches our stomach it starts to break down.

Ben shared that the acid in our stomach starts to digest the food.

Liam suggested that it is important to chew because our body doesn’t need to break it down as much.  

The freezer bag acted as the stomach and then we broke up the crackers to put inside. We used soda water to be our stomach acids.

After lunch we looked at the fruit food group. We got to touch, explore and taste a range of new fruits. Everybody tried something new. We had black figs, pomegranate, papaya, mango and greengages to try.

IMG_6383 IMG_6394

Then we thought about our hygiene and the germs that are all around us. We have set up an experiment where we put fresh bread next to surfaces with lots of germs. For the next few days we are going to keep watch to see which grows the germs the fastest. Come back soon to see our results. Then we created our own drawings of germs, this is what we think they would look like if we could see them.


Finally we needed to clean up and learn how to wash off all the germs. Kory and Taylor had to show if they could use all these steps to get the green glitter (germs) off. Then we all washed our hands with soap, which smelt of bubble gum and strawberry laces, everybody has a go.


We now feel ready to answer our key question.

Come back soon

Croyde Class

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Science Day in Mortehoe class

September 20th, 2017

We have had a very exciting day. First thing this morning we drew around some of our classmates and then labelled the drawings with everything that we knew about the inside of the human body! After that we wrote a recipe to describe all of the components of the body. Then we discussed the function of our skeleton and learnt the names of the bones in our hands – we also made models of our own hands. Finally we learnt the names of the different organs of the body and played a game where we had to match the organ to the description of its job.

We are already looking forward to our next science lesson where we will be finding out all about the effect that exercise has on the body.


IMG_9540 IMG_9542 IMG_9551 IMG_9567 IMG_9574 IMG_9577 IMG_9582

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Welcome back Big Toes

September 19th, 2017


The new Reception class have settled in very quickly. We are pleased to welcome seven children new to Forches school as well as many familiar faces from Tiny Toes. The new class had already met each other several times so were happy  to renew their friendships and get busy!

As well as lots of creative opportunities we have already started our phonics work with both ‘s’ and ‘a’. The children were excited to take home their first ‘ reading’ book  in their brand new book bags.

We have enjoyed having lunch in the hall and getting to know our Year 6 play leaders.

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E-Safety in Barricane Class!

September 18th, 2017

DSC00837 DSC00838 DSC00840 DSC00841 DSC00842 DSC00844 DSC00845 DSC00847 DSC00848

On Thursday 14th September, Barricane class began their E-Safety lessons. They quickly remembered what they had previously learnt as well as picking up a few new tips about how not to download viruses, taking care when sharing pictures and how to use youtube safely. The adults in class were extremely impressed with how co-operative each group was and how supportive of each other the class was. Don’t forget to share your top tips with friends and family at home!

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Welcome to Saunton Class!

September 17th, 2017

The children have had a good start to the term and have really hit the ground running with their learning!

We have been busy investigating 2D and 3D shapes in maths and also building on what we already know about calculation.

In literacy we have been using a poem called ‘The Magic Box’ to write our own poems about a magic pocket and the children have enjoyed making their own fabric pockets to display their finished poems in.

Next week we will begin making our class sea cloak after our visit from Captain Morpheus on Friday.   DSC00345

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Welcome to Barricane!

September 15th, 2017

Dear parents and carers,
Welcome back!
We hope your child has had a successful and happy first week in Barricane class. This year Miss Dyer will be teaching alongside Miss Roome, Mrs Luxton, Mrs Edwards and Miss Dicken.
Here are a few reminders and information to make your school year easier….
• Before school all children in year 3 and above are to be on the top playground which is supervised from 8:45am onwards. Adults who are dropping off or collecting children from years 5 and 6 should wait for their child on the playground not in the school corridors.
• School uniform has been exemplary this week – thank you! All of the children have the correct uniform and we expect this to continue throughout the year. Please ensure you have labelled all jumpers, coats and bags with your child’s name in permanent marker.
• P.E is on Wednesdays and children are expected to have a named blue polo shirt, black shorts or joggers and trainers (laces or velcro is best). Long hair will need to be tied back and all jewellery removed.
• Forest school will start after half-term and children will need old clothes, waterproofs and wellies labelled with their names to participate.
• Reading books MUST be in school every day. Your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes every day at home and at least once a week with an adult.
• Homework will be set on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday. It is essential that your child completes every task to ensure they make good progress.
• Good attendance is vital in all years but especially in years 5 and 6! Children MUST be in school every day. We are already beginning to focus our learning around SATs which will take place in May and the following months.
This year our theme is linked to the sea including local coastlines, coastal towns and ships. Our first school trip will be in the next few weeks to a local coastal town. To begin with we will be researching Barricane Beach and the surrounding area but if your child wishes they could begin this at home and bring in some facts to share with the class. As well as this we will be creating our own “magical sea-cloak” using recycled materials including shells, wool, feathers, sequins, ribbon….if you have any items you think would be useful and would like to donate to our project please send them into school with your child. Larger items such as seaweed, drift wood and shells will also be useful in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your on-going support and encouragement. Our classroom door is always open – if need to speak with Miss Dyer the best day to do this is a Wednesday after school.
Miss Dyer, Miss Roome, Mrs Luxton, Mrs Edwards and Miss Dicken.

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Fabulous Homework in Mortehoe

September 15th, 2017

We have had a fantastic start to the term in Mortehoe class. The children have been getting on well with each other and tackling their learning with great enthusiasm. Thanks for all of your help with their homework last week – they brought in some really useful and well presented information :-)



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This week in Tiny Toes . . .

September 15th, 2017

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day by designing sweets for our own candy garden.  It was great fun and we learnt how to use the glitter pot without spreading glitter all over the table.  

DSCN8046  DSCN8050DSCN8070


We baked some soda bread rolls together.  The mixture was very sticky!  We enjoyed the rolls spread with butter and jam for our snack.



We had a birthday this week.  It was fun mixing all the ingredients together to make the banana cake.  When it had cooled we made some vanilla icing for the top and decorated it with slices of fresh banana. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you remembered to make a wish.


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Captain Morphus visits our school

September 15th, 2017

Today we had a surprise visit from Captain Morphus who is a sea captain from the seventeenth century. Unfortunately , he is trapped in our time until he finds his magic sea cloak and clasp.He told us a lot about life on board ship and how important it is to be healthy in both body and mind.He set us some challenges too and said he will be back to see how we are getting on.We will also be hearing how we can help him to collect ten sea treasures which will then break the code for the secret location of his missing clasp and cloak.We are wondering when he will send the first scroll to our school telling us what we need to do first.

DSCN8226 (Small)


DSCN8220 (Small)DSCN8224 (Small)

















DSCN8226 (Small)

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This week in Twinkle Toes

September 15th, 2017

We are very pleased with how the children are settling into new routines. Snack time is always a popular time, and the children are learning how to wash and dry their hands independently and pour their own drinks. They have all enjoyed trying different fruits. 




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