May 14th, 2013

The next Governors meeting is on Wednesday, May 15th at 6.30 pm. Initially governors are meeting together to discuss the possibility of Academy Status and this is then followed by the Resources Committee. We will also be discussing publishing Governor’s Minutes on the web site regularly to help keep you informed of what Governors are doing.

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School Clubs

May 7th, 2013

Buzz Dance

We are lucky to have a specialist dance teachers  running a club on Fridays. At Buzz Dance club children learn hip hop dance routines which usually end in a performance at the end of the term. Thanks to The Greg Matthew’s “Make it happen” fund there is no cost to attend the club. There are two sessions between 2:30 – 4pm in the School Hall.  If you are interested in joining, please see Mrs Robinson in year 3/4  for a permission form.Buzz Dance 012

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Miss Knapper gets an award !

March 18th, 2013

Even Miss Knapper received an award in assembly recently …..





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Easter in Tiny Toes

April 15th, 2018

We had some super entries to the school Easter Bonnet competition.  All the children looked splendid and we really couldn’t choose between them so they will all share in the prize.  

The children also had fun making some Easter biscuits and creating their own baskets to carry them home in.  

DSCN9422 DSCN9423 DSCN9425 DSCN9427 DSCN9429 DSCN9430 DSCN9432 DSCN9433 DSCN9434 DSCN9436 DSCN9437


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Easter Bonnets-What an amazing show!

March 31st, 2018

There was the most amazing show of Easter Bonnets on Thursday in school.We all enjoyed looking at them as the children paraded around in assembly.There were so many spectacular ones it was impossible to choose just one winner from each class!Well done to everyone who made such a marvellous effort! Happy Easter everybody!

DSCN8803 (Small) DSCN8802 (Small) DSCN8804 (Small) DSCN8799 (Small) DSCN8798 (Small) DSCN8794 (Small) DSCN8797 (Small) DSCN8792 (Small) DSCN8793 (Small) DSCN8795 (Small) DSCN8788 (Small) DSCN8791 (Small) DSCN8801 (Small) DSCN8786 (Small) DSCN8785 (Small) DSCN8784 (Small) DSCN8782 (Small) DSCN8780 (Small) DSCN8779 (Small) DSCN8777 (Small) DSCN8778 (Small) DSCN8775 (Small) DSCN8774 (Small) DSCN8767 (Small) DSCN8772 (Small) DSCN8766 (Small) DSCN8768 (Small) DSCN8773 (Small)

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March 28th, 2018


We are pleased to announce that we will be starting afternoon sessions in Nursery after Easter for 3 and 4 year olds.  This means that we will have a limited number of spaces available, both mornings and afternoons, in our Tiny Toes room. If you are new to our nursery, qualify for 30 hours funding or would like to pay for extra sessions, please ask Andrea in the office for more information and arrange to come and visit us.

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Mixed Maths Fridays in Croyde Class

March 27th, 2018

Did you that we do Mixed Maths every Friday?

Mixed Maths is our maths lesson for the day. The difference is that we get to move around the room revisiting and using different Maths Skills. Each week we have 5 different areas of Maths to explore. This could be number work, shape, fractions and many more. We work as a team and apply our maths skills so that we get the chance to use them regularly. Here are a few photos from last weeks Mixed Maths. At the end we talk about which skills we needed to use that day.

Remember to ask us all about it.

Visit us again soon

Croyde Class

IMG_6914 IMG_6915 IMG_6916 IMG_6917 IMG_6918

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Croyde Class- Our Books

March 27th, 2018

What are we reading in Croyde Class

Our writing at the moment is all about Dougal who is deep sea diver. Dougal the deep sea diver is written by Simon Bartram. Have you heard of Simon Bartram before? We have a collection of his books in our class so come and take a look.


We are now on our 4th book this half term. We have read The Sandman and Turtles by Michael Morpurgo, Pug Safari and Captain Pug by Laura James and now we have started Marge and the pirate baby by Isla Fisher.

51uUUnIBjrL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_ tes050118_23_hero Book-Review-Captain-Pug-Book-1-by-Laura-James-A-Mum-Reviews-1

Find out more about Marge the crazy babysitter by clicking the link below


Every day we have a shared reading text that we all talk about together. This week it has been Double Daisy by Kes Gray. It reminded us of a diary and we have been using these in English.


New in our book corner this week

Do not open this book by Andy Lee


We will be posting in the comments our thoughts on this book.

Bye for now

Croyde Class

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Croyde's visit to the National Marine Aquarium

March 27th, 2018

We had the most amazing day out at The National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. Before we visited, we learnt all about the different creatures that we were going to see. This helped us to identify them when we got there and understand more about them. There were different zones that we could visit and we even saw a diver in one of the tanks. Our visit concluded in the Atlantic Ocean Exhibit where we finally got to see Friday the Green turtle. This was the perfect end to a magnificent day. Back in class we have been using our visit in our diary writing and are in the process of making some sea related art.

We bought a shark to join our book corner because it reminded us of the lemon sharks that we saw.

Croyde also got a lovely book all about animal journeys by Patricia Hegarty.



Croyde Class

images IMG_6815 IMG_6824 IMG_6826 IMG_6827 IMG_6846 IMG_6861 IMG_6868 IMG_6882


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World Book Day At Forches Cross

March 27th, 2018








Thank you for all of your support for our recent World Book Day. The day was marked with book activities, a special assembly and some fantastic costumes. Children also swapped classes to share stories and it was a wonderful day full of reading. School Council also prepared a special prize for their favourite costume.   It has been great to find out how children spent their vouchers.

What is your favourite story?

Where do you like to read?

Can you recommend a book to us?



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Fire Safety with Year 2

March 27th, 2018

Our Year 2 children were very pleased to be visited by our local fire service. They now know how and when to contact emergency services and stay safe around fire. The morning was filled with lots of interactive activities that the children could join in with. They will be taking home more information to share with their families at home.

Thank you once again to our local fire service.

Croyde Class

IMG_6928 IMG_6931 IMG_6935 IMG_6937 IMG_6940 IMG_6941IMG_6930

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Nursery Places Available Now

March 26th, 2018


Nursery places available. 

Telephone to enquire: 01271 343214

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Easter 'Stay and Play'

March 26th, 2018

 Everyone had a lovely morning at our recent ‘Stay and Play’ . Lots of parents, friends and family enjoyed painting, sticking, building, reading, making, writing , pattern making and playing! There were so many things to try out. The children were able to share their Special Books and talk about all the different things they have been doing this year.

DSCN9402 DSC02487 DSC02478 DSCN9398 DSC02481 DSCN9397 DSC02486 DSCN9395 DSC02482 DSCN9394 DSC02484 DSCN9393 DSC02477 DSCN9389 DSC02480 DSCN9388 DSCN9387IMG_5032IMG_5028



Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a  successful morning.

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