12 The Role of Teachers in The Learning Process

In teaching and learning work, the teacher has a rather important role in creating the sciences that are taught to be accepted by existing students.

Not only does it play a role in educating the sciences, but there also is not a little role for the teacher in the learning process. Well, this time will be discussed further about the role of the teacher in the process of teaching and learning activities.

1. Teacher As Educator

Teachers are educators, leaders, role models and identifications for the students in their students and their environment. Therefore, indeed being a teacher must have specific standards and qualities that must be met. As a teacher, it is mandatory to have a sense of responsibility, independence, authority, and discipline that can be used as examples for students.

2. Teacher As Teacher

Train learning activities will be provoked by various factors in it, ranging from maturity, motivation, relationships between students and teachers, the level of freedom, verbal skills, teaching skills in communication, and security. If this factor can be fulfilled, the work of learning to train can be carried out well. The teacher must be able to create something clear to the students, even skilled to solve various problems.

3. Teachers as Learning Resources

The role of the teacher as a learning resource will be very related to the skills of the teacher to master the existing training material. So when students ask something, the teacher can swiftly and responsively reply to student questions by using language that is easier to understand.

4. Teacher as Facilitator

The role of a teacher as a facilitator is in submitting services so students can quickly receive and know the subject matter. So that later the learning process will become more effective and efficient.

5. Teachers as Counselors

The teacher can be mentioned as a travel guide, which is based on his knowledge and experience and has a sense of responsibility in the smooth running of the journey. This journey is not only physical but also a more residential and deep mental, creative, moral, emotional and spiritual journey.

6. Teacher as Demonstrator

The teacher has a role as a demonstrator is to have a role which can indicate attitudes that can inspire students to do the same things can be even better.

7. The teacher as manager

In the process of teaching and learning work, the teacher has a role in holding control of the climate contained in the state of the learning process. It can be likened if the teacher becomes the captain who holds the steering wheel and takes the boat on a comfortable and safe journey. A teacher must be able to make the atmosphere of the learning room conducive and comfortable.

8. Teacher As Advisor

The teacher has the role of being an advisor to his students as well as to the parents, even though the teacher does not have specialized training to be an advisor. Students will always be faced with the need to make a decision, and in the process, it requires teacher help. For the teacher to know well his role as an advisor and a more profound belief person, the teacher should examine the psychology of personality.

9. Teacher as an Innovator

The teacher translates empirically in the future into a more meaningful life for his students. Because the age of the teacher and student is probably too far away, then surely the teacher has more experience than the students. The teacher’s job is to translate valuable empirical and intelligence into more sophisticated languages which students can accept.

10. Teachers As Motivators

The process of learning work will be successful if the students inside are highly motivated. The teacher has a crucial role in growing motivation and motivation in students in learning.

11. Teacher As Coach

The process of education and learning certainly requires skills lessons, whether it’s intellectual or motoric. In this matter, the teacher will act as a trainer to develop these skills. This is more emphasized in the 2004 curriculum which has a competency basis. Without the lessons, surely a teacher will not be able to indicate mastery of basic competencies and not be proficient in skills that match the standard lessons.

12. Teachers as elevators

After the learning process takes place, surely a teacher must assess the results that have been carried out during the learning work. This evaluation is not merely to evaluate the success of students to reach goals in teaching and learning work. But it also becomes an evaluation for the success of the teacher in the implementation of teaching and learning work.

Now that is the role of the teacher in the learning process that you need to know. Because his character is quite important and influential, it is not wrong if the teacher is known as the Hero of Service. So naturally, if we respect and glorify existing teachers.